Kokotime is fitted with an In-App addon store to facilitate addon management without the hassle of having to manually download addons from the internet and manually install them. To use the in app addon store you simply have to link the in app store to an addon server by entering the link of the addon server the first time you open up the in app addon store.

Why link an addon store ?

Auto Update

When you link the in app addon manager to an addon store your installed addons will automatically update once anew version is available. This happens in the background without the need for any interaction.

Find New Addons

All the available addons will be available in your addon manager and you will always find the newly added addons on the top of the list. This way you will always be up to date about newly released addons.

Contact Developers

Addons are not developed by Kokotime so we cannot assist you if something goes wrong with an addon but with your addon manager linked to a store you can always contact the developer and request assistance.

What is the official addon store ?

The Kokotime official addon store is a simple repository put in place so developers dont have to host their own addon server in order to develop addons for Kokotime, ANYONE can create and upload an addon to the official addon store as long as they respect our terms of use regarding the official addon store.

*Please keep in mind that addons that are uploaded to the official addon store are first of all uploaded by 3rd party developers NOT BY US and are not monitored or submitted to any sort of verification, this is only a repository made available for the public, Kokotime does not manage or check the content available on this store. If an addon is causing issues or is against our terms feel free to report it and we will remove it immediately

External Stores

External stores are very similar to our official store, the only difference is that they are hosted by 3rd parties. Anyone can create and host an addon store, any user can then add the link of that store to their in app addon manager to fetch available addons from there instead of the official addon repository.

For more info on how to create an addon store server visit the developers section on the Addons page