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Reach users from all around the world at the moment that they are most likely to be interested in your product. Advertise to potential customers and pay how you like. Maintain direct contact with us and change your campaign when you feel like it and start and stop at any time. All prices are negotiable and we are open to collaborations ! We can also help you design and customize your ad to make it most appealing to our users.

Why advertise here ?

At this moment you are probably asking yourself, why would I advertise on Kokotime when I could advertise on other big platforms and advertisers ? Well advertising on Kokotime has lots of benefits that you probably wont find elsewhere, let us show you a few :

Any type of product, apps, website, locations, you can even advertise social media accounts, Youtube channels or videos !

No restrictions this means that no matter what your product is you can advertise it, for example apps not on the Google playstore or Apple app store. However no malware, spam, racist or pornographic content is allowed.

Only on videos, our ads only appear on videos meaning that when your ad appears it will have the users full attention unlike other ad placements.

Direct contact with our clients so you will always be satisfied

Flexible and cheap pricing so users can advertise even with a 0$ spending budget by working out simple collaborations !

High CPM countries, 70% of our ad views are from high CPM countries and you wont have to pay more for them, unlike traditional advertising where the price goes up.

Ad Formats

Only a couple of formats are available on Kokotime due to the fact that ad-placements are only available on the video-player, Kokotime ads are designed to be non-intrusive so the user will get a nice impression of the product you are advertising and thus you can obtain better results even if the user does not interact with the ad.


Now comes the most important part, how much will it cost you ? Well being small has its benefits, all our prices are negotiable and if we can come to an agreement you might even not have to pay ! Here are a few ways you can choose to determine how you want to pay.

Per duration

Pay a fixed price to have your product advertised for a certain period, price is independant of the users interaction and is based solely on the duration of the ad campaign. This can be compared with having your ad posted on a street billboard.


Pay a fixed price based on how many times your ad gets viewed or how many times users interact with your ad. The fixed price will help you benefit from visits from countries that normally cost you more !


As long as you have something to offer we are open to collaboration and often place ads for customers in exchange for their services. We promote your product and you promote ours, everyone benefits free of charge !

No matter which method you choose, all our prices are negotiable and we will always adapt our pricing based on your needs. You can start an ad campaign from anything as low as 50$ depending on your needs !


Here are some stats about our recent ad placements, how they performed and their avarage localization.


Ad Impressions - Last month


Ad Clicks - Last month




If you are convinced and would like to request more info and get started or you simply would like to discuss it with us feel free to send us an inquiry by email at :

And we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your trust and hope to hear from you soon !