Why should I use it ?

Well Kokotime is equipped with a lot of features, some of which you might find elsewhere but some not, in the end what users appreciate the most is the clean UI, the speed and liability of Kokotime. Kokotime can do a lot, but to get a general idea, here are a few features :


Installing Kokotime is a pretty straight forward process but it is important to note that your Android device needs to be running Android 4.1 or later.

Kokotime is available for download through any of the app stores noted on our website at http://kokotime.tv . If you are downloading Kokotime from an external app store make sure you have unknown services activated in your android device's security setting or else you wont be able to install.


In this section we will walk you through the main features of the app, how to use them and the common issues users encounter.

Media Organizer

Kokotime is after all a media-center, so the first thing it's going to do when you install it is try and index your media files, this can be anything from your local storage to files on your external memory or USB drive etc... Kokotime will detect and index two types of files :

After indexing the files, Kokotime will be able to display your media in app with poster, descriptions, cast, genres and more rich content that will give a unique look to your media. The content will then be organized by last added, top rated, genre and more. The best part about this is that you wont have to tell Kokotime where to find your files, all you have to do is use the indicated naming convention when naming your files and the file indexer will do the rest !

To get your media ready for indexing there are a few things that need to be done first, these are described by media type in the following section.


Kokotime will use a complex algorithm to identify which of your videos are movies and which are not, but for faster results it's always better to keep your movies in a path with the word movies or movie in it, for example :

All these are valid paths, and will optimize movie indexing on Kokotime. Choosing not to use these naming conventions can cause your files to not be indexed or for longer indexing times.

Kokotime will also load artwork, cast, genres, reviews and more for your movies, for the best results it is always better to have the release year of the movie in the title but you are not obligated to do so. However avoid adding extra info in the name like 1080p or DivX etc... It is also best to avoid putting any numbers in movie names except for the release date.

TV Shows

TV shows are indexed quite like Movies but there are some differences. To optimize tv show indexing it is better to keep your shows in a path containing the word shows , if not done your shows should still be found however it is always better to do so as this will speed up the indexing process and avoid unnecessary network usage. Again here are a few examples :

The file name must at all times contain the show name, the season and the episode, without this info your show will not be indexed. Episode and season indicators can be formatted in various ways :

This way Kokotime will be able to organize your shows by grouping the episodes of each season together for easier navigation and streaming. Here is what NOT to do :

If you follow these conventions Kokotime will be able to index and organize your content successfully and fast.


Kokotime has a built in filemanager that will let you browse your local storage, copy, move and delete files so you can fully manage your storage from inside the app. You can also use the filemanager to play your local files using the built in features. For example lets say you want to cast a local video you took with your device, you can do that with the filemanager. However, it is important to note that Only file extensions supported by Kokotime will be visible in the file manager , but we are adding support for new extensions and soon you will be able to browse all types of media through Kokotime.


The built in chromecast support has a simple and elegant design, it also supports playlists so when playing season based content the season playlist will automatically be loaded to the bottom drawer of the chromecast remote, this will allow you easy access to the season content but will also let the remote automatically play the next episode without the need of any interaction. Subtitles are also supported so you can load your local subtitles or let Kokotime try and fetch them automatically using the built in subtitle provider.

It is always best to make sure that the file format you are trying to cast is supported by chromecast and that the file server is correctly set up for 3rd party media player streaming.

Universal Cast

Universal Cast is a unique feature you will only find at Kokotime, unlike Chromecast, Universal Cast does not require you to have any extra hardware to cast your content to another device. You can use universal cast to cast your videos to any of the following devices :

Universal Cast uses a very basic concept, all you need for it to work is a browser that supports websockets, this browser can be running on any device but has to be on the same local connection as you ! When you open up the Universal Cast webclient you will have to enter the local ip address of the casting device, this address will be displayed on your Kokotime controller when you select the "Cast to any device" option when playing a video. The controller will wait for a client to connect, enter the displayed ip address in your targets browser and hit enter, once the client connects you will see the devices name in your browser and casting will automatically start. When casting, you will not need to interact with your browser anymore, you will have full playback control from the Kokotime remote. Universal Cast also supports subtitles, you can load your own subtitles or activate automatic ones.


Kokotime supports 3rd party add-ons, since Kokotime does not officially contain any content what so ever it is up to the user to load his own content into Kokotime, add-ons provide users a way to do so. Add-ons can be downloaded and installed from anywhere on the internet but the most convenient way is hrough the in-app add-on store. The in-app add-on store can be linked to any add-on repository that is designed to serve add-on information to Kokotime. Once an add-on repository is setup in the apps settings you can download and install add-ons from the built-in add-on store, Kokotime will also automatically update your add-ons once new versions are available on your linked add-on repository.

An official add-on repository is available and developers can upload their add-ons on that repository using the developers platform on the official Kokotime website. The url of the official repository is also available on our website at http://kokotime.tv/addons/store/ (This is not the repository url but the website on which the official url will be found at all times).

More info on add-on usage and development can be found on the add-on section of the Kokotime website, a tutorial is available there for users & developers to help everyone get started.


A "My Channels" section is available on the main menu of Kokotime, the channels section is where users can import, save their m3u playlists. The channels section is designed specifically for live m3u playlists but will still work for other types.

There are several ways you can use M3u playlists on Kokotime :

Each of these methods have their pros and cons, but in the end it all goes down to your needs and how you are managing your m3u playlists. We will briefly go through how each of these methods work.

M3u file importing

Importing an M3u file is quite straight forward, lets say you have an M3u playlist somewhere on your storage, you open up "My Channels" in Kokotime and click "Add m3u file" in the options menu. This will not copy the content of the m3u file but create a link to it and display the playlist in the playlist menu on Kokotime. After that, you can open the playlist and your content will be displayed and you can play it with the built in media player.

It is important to note that you cannot delete the file after importing it, or move it from it's initial location, however you can overwrite it and the changes will appear in Kokotime since the content is reloaded each time you open the playlist inside the app.

M3u url linking

Linking an M3u url in Kokotime is an easy way to get content from a hosted M3u playlist, this also allows you to get updated content without having to manually download it each time. Kokotime will automatically load the new content from the M3u url provided each time you open the playlist in the "My Channels" section. If the url of your playlist changes you can modify it in-app by long clicking the playlist, you will then be able to modify the name and url of your playlist.

Direct parsing

Direct M3u parsing is a way of reading and playing an M3u file without having to add it to your channels, you can do this by clicking an M3u url in your internet browser or by opening an m3u file from a 3rd party file explorer, this allows you to stream the playlist on the go without having to manually add it to your channel playlists.

Extra M3u metadata

You can add extra info to each stream in your M3u playlist, Kokotime will read and parse this metadata to use it for displaying your playlist, here is what you can add to an #EXTINF line.

Adding a logo : tvg-logo="my_channel_logo.png" Adding a group : group-title="A random group"

This is the data Kokotime will attempt to extract from each stream in your M3u playlist. If you wish to display more data contact us and we will add it on the next update.


The downloads section is where you will find all the content saved for offline usage, this can be content downloaded from add-ons, remote servers or other. For example lets say you are using an add-on to access your remote movie storage, with the add-on you can stream your owned movies with an internet connection but without internet you don't have access to them. By clicking the download option when using an add-on you will be able to download your content by keeping it organized.

Note : It is important to make sure you have the right to download the content you are accessing, make sure it is yours or that your provider gives you the right to download that content.


Automatic subtitles are available on Kokotime, this means that Kokotime will try and fetch subtitles for the content you are playing.

To use automated subtitles you first need to activate them in the main menu on the Subtitles section, just turn the "Auto Subtitles" switch on and you're good to go. If you want to load the subtitles in a different language you can choose another language from the subtitles list. On the subtitles section you can also customize your subtitles styling, like background, color, border etc... but this will only be applied on the built-in videoplayer not on casting.

Also it is important to note that you do not need to activate the automated subtitles to load your own subtitles, this can be done directly from the video player.

Subtitles Syncing

Subtitles syncing is a new feature added to Kokotime's built-in video player and will soon be supported on Chromecast and Universal Cast remote. This feature will allow users to sync the loaded subtitles to the playing content. This is done in a very simple process and only takes a few seconds, it is done directly during video playback and is very user friendly procedure.

To open the subtitle syncing window on he video player, click the "CC" button on the top and click "Subtitles Sync", a window will then open, you will then have to set 2 values o start the syncing process :

After setting these 2 values the subtitles will sync automatically, you can still modify them later until the timing is to your liking.


As you might have guessed Kokotime has a built-in videoplayer, this videoplayer is based on Google's open source ExoPlayer. The built in videoplayer comes with a lot of features :

The videoplayer has a unique design and can be used as your default videoplayer for your device.

Here are the supported video formats :


If you are having any issues with Kokotime and in need of direct assistance feel free to refer to our FAQ where we add all the most frequently asked questions received from our users.

I installed the app but there is no content on there how do I watch movies or shows ?

Kokotime does not contain any content what so ever. This means that you should provide your own content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own. Additionally Kokotime allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. For more info on how to install or use plugins refer to the Addons tutorial on our website.

I can't find any addons when I open the inApp addon store

The in-app add-on store needs to be linked to an add-on repository, linking the store to an add-on repository will allow Kokotime to fetch a list of the available add-ons and allow you to download and install them, this will also activate automatic add-on updates so your add-ons will update automatically when a new version is available on the linked repository. The url of the official Kokotime add-on repository can be found on the add-on store section of the Kokotime website. This url might change so if you ever receive any errors make sure that the add-on url in the apps settings matches the one on our website if you want to use the official add-on repository. You can also use external add-on repositories by changing the add-on store url in the apps settings.

It is also important to note that add-ons found on the official add-on repository are not monitored or affiliated in any way with Kokotime but are developed maintained and hosted by the community through our developers platform available on the Kokotime website.

I can't reset my accounts password

When you don't remember your accounts password or don't have access to your account anymore you can request a password change by following the in-app password change procedure. On the log-in page click the "Forgot password" button and enter your accounts email. You will receive a password change code by email (In the meantime leave the app on the same page) this password change code IS NOT YOUR NEW PASSWORD but is a code that will allow you to reset your password. Enter that code in the app and you will then receive your new account credentials by email.

An addon is not working or not generating any content

It can sometime happen that you launch an add-on and then realize that the add-on is generating blank pages. Blank pages means that either the add-on is behaving incorrectly due to the developer making some errors while coding the add-on or that the content provider used by the add-on is not available in your country. To know if the content provider is available in your country you can check their website if it is provided in the add-ons description. If their website is working correctly you can contact the developer of the add-on in the add-on store page in the installed section (Contacting the add-on dev will be added soon and might not yet be available).

I have a premium subscription but I still get ads and no premium features on one of my devices

If you purchased a premium subscription and are having issues with the premium features there could be two reasons, either your premium subscription has expired and in that case you can extend it in the account section or you have reached the device limit. The device limit is reached when you are logged in in more than 5 devices at once, if you reach your device limit it will be displayed in the account info page. You can remove a device by simply logging out or by contacting us to log-out all your devices. If nothing solves this issue you can contact us for assistance.

My m3u channel playlist is not being parsed correctly

M3u playlist need to be correctly formatted to be able to be parsed by Kokotime. also line escaping needs to be respected and the correct metadata names need to be used as indicated in the Channels section. Also if you are importing an m3u playlist from a url that playlist will become unavailable if the url becomes unavailable since using an m3u url will keep the playlist updated each time you open it inside the app.

I can't sign-up or create an account to log-in to Kokotime

Signing up is not necessary to use the app for the moment, for the time being, signing in is only used to activate premium features for premium users so there is no reason signing in or creating an account if you are not a premium subscriber. Logging in will NOT give you access to extra media content !

I received my account credentials and getting incorrect password

If you received your password it means that your account was registered in the system. Not being able to sign in can be caused by a number of issues, first, make sure that you are typing your password correctly if you are not copy pasting it. If that does'nt work check your connection or simply try again in a few minutes our server might be down or your account might still be in the regster process.

Videos are not casting to Chromecast

When casting an online video it can sometimes happen that Chromecast will display the cast logo without casting, this can happen if the source of the video does not have the correct HTTP headers to be compatible with Chromecast. You can always retry or if using an add-on simply choose another source from the video-source menu on the top right of the Chromecast remote.